Sunday, January 25, 2009

#25 part I

Working on #25. Of course I did the typealyzer (ISTP). I typealyzed a few other blogs. At first I was suspicious because the first blog I did other than my own came up with the same analysis. Then I did another one, and that analysis was different.

Also did the readability. Am attempting to attach the readability button. We will see how it goes. (Note: first attempt caused me to add a Movie Review button. Have no idea where that came from.) Second note: I have tried multiple times, but the button always comes up as a movie review button. Not wasting any more time on this one.

For the record, this blog has a readability of an undergrad college level. I guess I can write undergrad level, but I cannot attach a simple readability level button to my blog. What does that say about me?

This Thing will require more than one post as there is so much information.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

#24 Here we go again

Prompts: I have not touched this blog since we finished the original 23 things. I do not comment on other peoples' blogs. I still do not have the blogging gene. I do not find it easy to communicate with strangers, and to me, everyone on the web is a stranger. But I have much to learn, so I am going to try this again. I lost my original 23 Things partner. She does not work in our library anymore. Of the two of us, she was the "tech brain", so this is really scary. Besides--now I know more what I am getting involved with, so it is REALLY intimidating.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

#23 Final Thoughts

Has anything changed: My attitude toward the web has changed. Possible solutions for some of my own problems and some from my staff have been enhanced.

Favorite things: social networking for older people (#21)

Connecting with others: My colleague and I both went through this program, so of course we talked about it. That was helpful. I also have to say that I went through a lot of other blogs looking for kindred spirits. I found many, but the one who was most helpful to me was the one who puts out the SSC Library blog. Thank-you.

Anything unexpected: This was all unexpected. I had no idea what I was doing from the beginning. If I had known, I'm not sure I would have had the courage to start.

What could you change: I don't know how you could change this, but I was disturbed by the number of accounts I had to sign up for. I don't even remember them all, and I'm not sure I can get back to them.

Would you participate in another 23 Things: I would certainly participate in the future, but I need some time off, so don't start tomorrow!

Describe my experience: I didn't know how much I didn't know before 23 Things.

#22 What Did I Learn Today?

This really has been an eye-opening experience! I am embarrassed to admit how much I did not know before I started--had not even run across the Web 2.0 term. Yes, I will keep on learning--we always keep learning, but this experience gives me a new avenue to explore. I appreciate the organization that went into this so I can start with a manageable small chunk of the techno-world.

I will begin by going back and re-examing some of the links that I only glanced over or maybe skipped entirely. Today I connected to a really interesting article on the "Librarian in Black" page.

However, I am still not a blogger. I TALK. I have colleagues who talk back IMMEDIATELY. It's just more fun.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

#21 Other Social Networks

Okay, now you're talking my language. I spent a lot of time exploring this one. I went to Gather--read some articles and book reviews. I bookmarked it so I can explore it more later. I also went to the two Minnesota networks--books and Minnesota life. I marked both of those too.

I already joined the NING site--I did it a while ago by accident. Now I have refined my profile, added a picture, and left a comment. I also explored the Fuzzter site because I am a pet nut.

I feel much better about networking, because these sites are geared to people my own age. Didn't realize how age-conscious I was. Maybe it's something I should work on, but I am very relieved about this whole networking Thing.

#20 Libraries and Social Networks

Electronic Social Networks are not for me. I checked around on MySpace, read some entries, read the articles about MySpace. It does not interest me at all. For one thing, it really makes me feel old. All the advertising or promoting is really aimed at someone who is moving way faster than I am. I have family members who are on MySpace--some of them are almost as old as I am--but I just do not want to go there.

I work in a school library. We do not allow students access to places like MySpace and FaceBook. Most of them are not yet mature enough to put the classroom work ahead of the socializing, so I fear they would spend too much time networking. Also, our resources are extremely limited. We try so hard to keep our computers up and running so kids can get their homework done. I know this has been a recurring theme in my entries, but it is true.

Just for tonight I did get my tech support person to allow MySpace and FaceBook so I could do the Things that require them, but I found that I am not missing anything by not being able to use these tools. I have tried to evaluate honestly whether we are doing our students a disservice by not allowing these tools, but I don't think we are. Most of our students have access to these sites at home. I have not noticed that they have been any more successful at school than kids who cannot go there. I have NEVER had a student tell me anything like "I learned it on FaceBook!" For now, we will keep these sites off-limits at school.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

#19 Explore Podcasts

I tried listening to some podcasts from MPR because I am an MPR fan and they are always talking about catching a podcast. However, I could not find a way to listen without downloading software with which I am not familiar. I never like to do that without permission from my tech person.

However, I found a French class podcast that just started when I clicked on it! This is way cool! I am an amateur francophile (I hope that's the correct use of that word. I mean to say I am interested in the French language.) I even added this to my RSS feeds.

theater sets

Theater Sets

From: carolh, 4 minutes ago

Sets from a few plays we have done. The first four are from "Noises Off," the next six are from "Scrooge," and the last are from "Secret Garden."

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